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Bush Telegraph


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Microgaming is well known for its immersive video slots, but Bush Telegraph raises the bar a few notches. This game makes you feel like you are in the middle of an African rainforest or on a savannah. The artwork on the reels is nice, but the bonus game and the pay schedule are particularly beautiful. Free-spin game players will enjoy the one that this slot has because of its tripled payouts and frequent triggers. There are only 15 paylines, and each holds five coins. The only real downside to this game is that its maximum jackpot is not particularly high.

However, due to the overall high payout rate, you can still do quite well for yourself over time if you stay within your bankroll limits and exercise a degree of patience. And if looking amazing isn’t enough, this game also has some great sounds that you will not find in any other Microgaming slots (click here). Try out Bush Telegraph if you want to immerse yourself in a wildlife adventure where there is plenty of fun and even more money.

The symbols are as amusing as they are aesthetically impressive. Most of the animals in the game are depicted playing various types of drums. For instance, there is a pink lemur beating a bongo drum. There is also a brown warthog playing a golden drum. Some of the symbol icons are represented by simple card values.

Appropriately enough, a seedpod represents the scatter symbol, and getting three, four or five of them at the same time on the reels will activate the free spin game. The free-spin game gives you 10 free spins with payouts that are automatically tripled. You activate the Bongo Bonus by getting at least three bongo drums on a payline that you have paid to activate. The object of playing Bongo Bonus is to hit the drums and be rewarded for your trouble. Also, do not miss the complete list of 5-reel slots on this page.

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