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Slam Funk Review

Slam Funk is a unique and exciting online scratch ticket. You can win up to 2,500 credits each time you play, and the minimum bet starts at only 0.50 credits. Of course, you want to play for the money, but Slam Funk also has great entertainment value. The fun starts from the very first moment you see the ticket and realize its theme.

Slam Funk is a game about a basketball team comprised of 1970s disco dancers. Each of the six players sports one or more fashion trends from the era, and they are all drawn in a comical style that is sure to bring a smile to your face. The ticket's name is displayed at the top in a multicolored font that embodies the spirit of disco, and the name is set against a backdrop that is half mirrored disco ball and half basketball.

To play Slam Funk, you start by setting your wager with the convenient arrow buttons. Clicking the arrows increases or decreases the wager by one-credit increments from 0.50 credits to 10.00 credits. After you have decided on the amount of your wager, click on the New Card button to begin.

Slam Funk is a classic nine-panel scratch ticket. Hidden under each panel is a member of the Slam Funk team. You can scratch each panel individually with a click of your mouse, or you can get right down to business by utilizing the Reveal All button.

To win, you have to reveal three identical team members anywhere on the nine-panel grid. If you get a winning match, then the winning team member will go into a funny disco animation sequence that will have you laughing aloud.

The amount you can win is dependent on the Slam Funk team member you match and the amount of your wager. Each team member multiplies your wager according to the following schedule:

  • Green player – x1
  • Orange player – x2
  • Purple player – x4
  • Blue player – x10
  • Cheerleader – x50
  • Pink player – x250

Slam Funk is a classic scratch card with an original theme developed by the folks at Microgaming, and it is sure to keep you engaged for multiple plays.

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Slam Funk Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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