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Cash 'n' Curry is a three reel game with one payline, and takes only one coin. It is themed like an Indian restaurant, with colorful, flavorful foods. Chili peppers, limes, watermelons and beer decorate the slot reels, to name a few. Cash 'n' Curry can be played for real cash, or just for fun. You may want to try both modes, by testing your skills in Free Play, and then going for the gold in Real Play.

Your payout figures will show your total bet amount, multiplied by your bonuses/multipliers. You'll see each combination and multiplier, so you know exactly how you got to your total. To pay out, a winning combination must be visible, from left to right, on the payline. Combinations starting from the second or third slot reel do not pay out; you must get a three-slot combination.

Cash 'n' Curry has random "Hold" and "Nudge" features, just like a real slot machine. They may light up on any spin, allowing you to alter the potential of your spin. Hold allows you to keep a good slot reel, like a 7 or a Bar, or any potentially lucky one. Nudge allows you to nudge a slot reel down to make the most fortuitous combinations.

If you get three Balti symbols in a row in any direction on the Balti rack, you'll activate the Cash 'n' Curry bonus game. In the bonus game, you can win up to a five hundred times multiplier, or prizes. You advance on a game trail, like a board game, and the spaces contain different features. You have a pint glass full of coolant, which reduces by one each time you land on a space in the game. If you run out of coolant on a game space, that feature is now yours. You can stop at will to collect a feature, or keep playing to win the more valuable features, further on the board. You can win great features like Spice-O-Meter, which gives you a chance to win additional random multiplier values, which increase your winnings, or Chicken Ticker, which returns you to the reels and lets you try to stop them on the best combination.

You can give it a spin right now, get some multipliers, and earn a big payout!

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