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Monkey’s Money Review

Monkey’s Money is a non-progressive slot game by Microgaming in the classic style. The game has triple spinning reels, a single bet line and a two-column payout structure that reflects the number of coins staked. The maximum payout on a single spin is $15,000, and you can win $250 with as little as $0.25 on the line.


Monkey’s Money supports coins ranging from $0.25 to $5, and the game allows two-coin bets, which means a max wager size of $10. Single-coin bets use the left side of the payout table, and double-coin bets use the right side. The UI buttons are at the bottom of the screen. Use plus and minus to set the coin size, Bet One to set the wager to one or two coins and Spin or Bet Max to start the round.

Special Features

Monkey’s Money has two special features: wild and any. The monkey symbol is wild, in addition to being the jackpot symbol, and it can stand in for any other symbol in the set to form a winning combo, including the any combos. The any feature allows you to mix and match bananas and wild symbols and to mix and match bar symbols and wilds.

Graphics and Audio

The game has a distinct and attractive style that features many vibrant and contrasting colors. As with most Microgaming pub slots, the sound effects are quite authentic, and the reel action is some of the best found online. This game also mixes in some additional music and sounds effects, such as monkeys hooting and hollering. If you prefer to play without some or all of the sound effects, however, there are options for that as well.


The jackpot for one-coin bets is 1,000 coins, which amounts to $5,000 at the max coin size. The jackpot for two-coin bets is 3,000 coins, which amount to $15,000 at the max coin size. Since the paytable doesn’t scale evenly and the two-coin jackpot is significantly higher, we recommend always betting the second coin.


Betting $0.50 for a decent chance at a $750 jackpot is what Monkey’s Money offers, and if that kind of opportunity is appealing to you, then you’ll enjoy this game quite a bit. It’s worth noting, however, that’s it not quite as lucrative as many of the other machines in the Classic Slot series, so you may want to focus the bulk of your bets elsewhere.

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Monkey’s Money Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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