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Chavin’ it Large slot looks a bit odd first, but it is fun to play if you can overlook or embrace its weirdness. The game is all about saving money and wearing cheap walking shoes that most football moms wouldn’t be caught dead in. The main character is a pretty middle-aged lady with blond hair, a pink track jacket, large earrings, far too much makeup and a hat. She speaks in a gibberish language, but she is clearly excited about whatever it is that she talks about.

The game’s background is various pastel shades of brown and yellow. There are cheap walking shoes all over the screen, often in threes. Because it is a three reel game instead of a five-reel game, there are fewer winning combinations to memorize, and they all fit on the front screen.

There are five types of symbols in Chavin’ it Large. The first symbol is a ring that looks like it could be a class ring or a ring worn by someone who is part of an exclusive country club. The ring is the lowest ranked symbol in the game. The next symbol is a hat like the one that the game’s star wears. There are three types of walking shoes, and any mixed combination of them counts as a win. The lowest ranked shoes are pink. The blue shoes are right in the middle, and the gold shoes are at the very top.

Unfortunately, Chavin’ it Large’s payouts are as cheap as the shoes its main character wears. Because you can hold and nudge the reels, you can win far more frequently than in a traditional three-reel game, but the top jackpot is only 100 times your trigger bet. The betting range is also somewhat restrictive at between 10 cents and $10. You can only bet one coin at a time on the single payline. To justify playing Chavin’ it Large, you need to be very good at fruit machine strategies so that you can ramp up your average win rate.

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