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Lucky Witch is the latest Halloween-themed virtual slot machine from Microgaming, and it is a treat because the graphics are superb and each symbol fits right into the theme. In an interesting twist, the witch in the game is a real looker, so you do not have to spend your time staring at an old, green hag with a giant wart on her nose.

Lucky Witch is a basic five-reel slot machine. It has 15 paylines, and you can wager up to 20 coins per line. Coins are available in denominations ranging from 0.01 credits to 0.20 credits. If you just want to try the game out, then you can play for only a penny per spin, but if you really want a shot at the big money, then you can wager a maximum of 60 credits per spin.

The wild symbol in the game is the Lucky Witch logo. It can be used to substitute for any of the standard symbols, including the owl, black cat, lizard and witch. The wild symbol also pays out double when it is used in a winning combination.

Lucky Witch has two scatter symbols: the magic potion and the cauldron. When two through five potion symbols are displayed, you instantly win one of the following prizes:

  • Two potion symbols – 225 coins
  • Three potion symbols – 675 coins
  • Four potion symbols – 11,250 coins
  • Five potion symbols – 45,000 coins

Three or more potion symbols also rewards you with 13 free spins. When three cauldron symbols are displayed, you are taken into one of the four bonus games:

Magic Potion Bonus – You have 12 potions from which to choose. You keep choosing new potions and continue to rack up prizes until you uncover a poison potion.

Pumpkin Bonus – You win the secret prize contained in the pumpkin of your choice. If you do not like your prize, you can give it up and try again up to two more times.

Secret Vault Bonus – In this game, you have to choose three symbols. You then have to choose one of your three symbols to reveal your bonus prize.

Spell Book Bonus – One of three spell books will unleash an imp that awards you a prize worth up to 52 times your original wager.

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