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Cherry Red Review

Cherry Red is a solid three reel slot that doesn’t have too many surprises. The game has a favorable payout rate, and it is simple to use. Though it doesn’t have a free-spin game, a scatter symbol or a bonus game, it does have a multiplier and a wild symbol. One of the best things about Cherry Red is that the maximum wager is only $10, so even players who do not have large bankrolls can conceivably win the maximum jackpot.

Like most three-reel games (click here for more), this one is not progressive, but it does have a consistent payout rate comparable to those of the best slots online. True to form for a classic slot, there is only one payline, and you can only stack a maximum of two coins on it. This is a lean and engaging slot that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Everything but the payout schedule is bright red, and there is a graphic behind the game’s title of three red cherries on connected stems. The other symbols are not very noteworthy, but they do match the rest of the color scheme. There is also a bell. The cherry symbol is a multiplier and a wild symbol, both of which are highly advantageous when you are playing on only three reels.

The minimum bet size is quite low, but it is important to realize that most machines with 1-cent minimum bets generally require you to fill several paylines with multiple coins in order to have any kind of shot at a jackpot. Cherry Red requires that you bet at least 25 cents on each spin. The maximum coin size is only $5, and you can bet two of them on the sole payline. There are no hidden conditions or hoops to jump through if you want to win.

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Cherry Red Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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