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Developed by Microgaming, Deuces & Joker is an online take on the Deuces and Joker Wild video poker machines found in casinos. The game uses a 53-card deck, and a big draw to this variant is that the player can win with a hand that includes as many as five wild cards.

About Deuces Joker

Deuces Joker has five wild cards: the deuce of Hearts, the deuce of Diamonds, the deuce of Clubs, the deuce of Spades and the Joker. Four deuces would therefore automatically be a five-of-a-kind. Deuces Joker also uses a tweaked pay table, which substantially devalues four-of-a-kinds, full houses, flushes and straights. On the other hand, Deuces Joker adds a special jackpot at the five-coin level for four deuces and a joker.


In order to break even on Deuces & Joker, one must get at least a three-of-a-kind. This is a significant difference from Jacks or Better. Losing streaks will be longer, but the total odds are usually the same or better, which means that this is a superb machine for the player trying to hit the jackpot. Once the stake has been set, the player selects the deal button to begin. Once the player has chosen cards to hold and discard, he or she then selects the draw button to determine if they have won.

Special Features

When a player has a winning hand, the game gives them the option to collect or to double. This gamble feature is a nearly 50-50 chance with a slight house edge to go double or nothing. Due to the nature of this machine, and argument could be made to make heavy use of this feature on any win below a straight flush.


The standard video poker jackpot is worth 4,000 coins and awarded on a natural royal flush. The special jackpot for Deuces & Joker is worth 10,000 coins and awarded on four deuces and a joker. This special jackpot is only available on a five-coin bet, and at a max bet, it is worth $50,000.

Graphics & Audio

Microgaming uses an authentic style for Deuces & Joker. We particularly like that the playing cards are large and the pay table is laid out well and easy to read. The machine has authentic sound effects for shuffling, dealing, holding and so forth, but it does not add music or unneeded audio cues.

Overall Impressions

Deuces & Joker is an excellent online video poker game that is well suited to casual and hardcore players alike. If you are willing to play five coins a hand, which requires at least $1.25, then this is a fine option that pays out extremely well at the highest level. Click here to play at more free table games.

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