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Jacks Or Better Strategy and Rules


Jacks Or Better Rules

Hey! Andy, Lets Play Poker on Your i-Pod. Poker on iPod!? Yes, Jacks or Better Video Poker allows this online gaming entertainment anywhere you go with your iPhones and iPods. Wanna know more about Jacks or Better strategy and rules? Read on..

This of the gaming entertainment belongs to the Microgaming family, the richest one among online gaming breeds. The first characteristic that it inherits from the pedigree is simplicity. It is as simple as anyone can play it even without any guidelines. This is rather standard and straightforward game in video poker range with simple rules. Its own ability is to pays on pair; be it Jack or better. Rest is all like any other video poker.

Other features that differentiate it with other online video pokers are no wild cards, no jokers, and no bonus. The jackpot is 4000 coins and can be claimed on a completion of Royal Flush i.e. 10, J, Q, K and Ace of a suit.

This is really as easy as child’s play but make sure you are above 18 to play the online pokers. This is good for novice and beginners who are making an entry into the world of online gaming adventures. Great ones like it for its no-nonsense, no-gimmick culture, though.

Jacks Or Better Strategy

About Jack or Better strategy: it is standard 52-deck card game with no wild-card entity. Cards get shuffled before each hand and laid randomly. Click on ‘Deal’ button to kick-off the game. Once you have got the cards, you can choose one of the two paths to trade on. Either choose AutoPlay button to let the process flow on its own and watch with your fingers crossed or take the lead and do it yourself. The AutoPlay used the most viable calculations in any given circumstance.

Bets can be increased or decreased just by clicks on + and – controls, likewise clicking on ‘Bet One’ will place a bet worth 1 unit of the coin, ‘Bet Max’ will make it maximum of the coin value. The betting Jacks Or Better strategy can be better understood by an example, suppose your coins is 0.25 denomination, the maximum bet becomes 1.25, and if the coin is of 5 value then the max bet goes to 25. It is easy to control bets this way.

Once you can see a winning hand, you have got more features to enhance your lot with lotteries. You can double the win by asking for a ‘showdown’. You get five cards laid onto the table, four of them face-down for Player’s selection and one dealer’s card with its face-up. Player has to pick one of the four faced-down cards and it is higher than the dealer’s card than player receives double of his winning amount. The best strategy is to double it again or just collect and quit, choice is always yours.

The important things that needs to be noted about the Jacks or Better are:

  • It’s a Microgaming Software (although with the passage of time, other software manufacturers have developed different versions)
  • Its minimum bet is 0.25
  • Its maximum bet is 25
  • Speed of the game can be adjusted by player
  • It has AutoPlay option.
  • Doubling allowed.

We hope you now better understand Jacks Or Better strategy and rules.