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After years of having access to an amazing selection of video slots from one iGaming developer to the next, its easy for players to forget that once upon a time, one-armed bandits were nothing more than 3-reel games with a pretty basic pay table. While many of these games had bright lights and made plenty of noise, no one could have imagined the innovation and creativity of the video and audio features being offered on games being designed today.

Microgaming's Diamond 7s is a blast from the past. The game was designed while Microgaming was still busy making its mark in an industry that was poised to take off. The face of the game is a generic as it gets. The only sounds coming out of the game comes when the reels are spinning and the winnings are being paid.

The game is played with 3 reels and one pay line. The betting range is 1 to 3 coins with a coin value of $.25 up to a maximum allowable bet of $5. The game features six symbols: cherries, the single bar, the double bar, the triple bar, red 7s and white 7s. For anyone wondering where diamonds come into the picture, it should be noted that the white 7s are actually covered in diamonds. In this day and age, its strane to think that's the kind of criteria Microgaming used for naming games.

Back to the game. With the exception of cherries, all other symbols must land as a full set in order for the player to win. In the case of cherries, there is a consolation payout for hitting one or two cherries. When it comes to bars and 7s, there is also a consolation payout matching any three bars or any three 7s. The game's largest possible jackpot comes if the player lands three Diamond 7s with a 2500X multiplier times a maximum coin value of $5, which calculates out to $12,500.

Verdict: Generic 3-reel slot games will never again be anyone's primary cup of tea. With that said, it's nice to have the option to play basic slots as a way of paying homage to the games that paved the way for the incredible video slots currently found in the industry today. Diamond 7s is a fast=paced game with reasonable jackpots based on low-risk wagers. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a little nostalgia every now and then.

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