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Kudos to the game developers at Microgaming for coming up with an idea to build a fruit/bar slot game around a pick hippopotamus that loves hip-hop music. Back in 2008 when this game was first introduced, it must have brought a chuckle from players young and old who never thought they would find themselves counting on a musical hippo for slots earning.

With a game motif build around the hip-hop music industry, what really catches a player’s attention is an audio soundtrack that spews out cheesy one-liners typically used in the hip-hop world. Other than that, the graphics are a bit too busy and often confusing.

The game format for HipHopopotamus is a standard 3-reel matrix with a solitary pay line. The minimum betting requirement is $.10 per line with a maximum betting cap of $10.00 per line, all based one coin per bet. Without a resident wild or scatter symbol, the game focuses on standard symbols.

The game’s lower paying symbols are represented by hip-hop icons like cherries, bars, sevens, spray paint, sneakers, a boom box, microphones, gold bling. The highest paying symbol is the pink hip-hop hippo that brings a 500X multiplier times the amount of the bet for a maximum jackpot of $5,000.

Much like other Microgaming 3-reel fruit slots, HipHopopotamus has a bonus feature that is initialized if the player lands the three hip-hop hippos. Aside from the potential $5,000 payout, they are also taken to an alternative screen where a bonus spin opportunity awaits them in the form of a bonus game. During this rather simplistic interactive bonus game, the player is merely required to select a spot from a 7X7 matrix, revealing a prize ranging from additional nudges to multipliers.

The game’s other game-play features include the bank holds, which allow the player to freeze one reel for a one-time re-spin, and the nudges, which allows the player to move one reel forward one cell in the hopes they can build a custom winning spin.

Verdict: While some 3-reel fruit/bar slots can be rather interesting to play, HipHopopotamus lacks anything that would inspire a player to include the game on his go to slots list. Without a decent size jackpot to use as a target, this game ends up being nothing more than a standard fruit machine. For the money, it would be far more interesting to play a video slot game of any kind.

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