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There aren’t many five-reel games with such stunning artwork and immersive gameplay. Dino Might is one of Microgaming’s multi-reel bonus slots, and it has most of the features typical in similar games. It has a multiplier, a wild and a scatter, but there is not a free-spin game. Along with its five reels, this slot has 25 paylines that you can activate by assigning coins to them. If you were ever a fan of dinosaurs as a child, playing this slot will make you feel like a kid again. The payouts are also no joke. You can win as much as $40,000 from a normal spin. It isn’t a progressive game, so you will always win at least 80,000 coins if you hit the jackpot. Play Dino Might if you love dinosaurs and want to win some money.

Microgaming (click for more) has brought dinosaurs back to life in Dino Might. Colossal herbivores and carnivores thunder across the five reels every time you spin. You can hear their roars and the sounds of a prehistoric forest between spins. The artwork looks like it has been peeled out of a colored graphic novel, and it feels like some of the dinosaurs are looking right at you when you play. Some of the other symbols are of prehistoric plants and fungi. The background is of an orange, pink and purple sunset and brown rocks.

Instead of allowing $1 coins, this game has a maximum coin size of 50 cents. Each of the 25 paylines lets you stack 10 coins, so the maximum assigned to each is $5. If you max out all 25 paylines, your bet will be $125. Winning the jackpot with a bet of $125 pays $40,000. In comparison, a bet of $250 for most of Microgaming’s other five-reel slots (check this page), will pay you about $60,000. No matter what level you are playing at, a jackpot of 80,000 coins is very respectable.

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