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Germinator is one of the most amusing slots to come out in a long time. Just looking at the oddly shaped, funny-faced germs is enough to make you crack a smile, which only grows when those germs start giving you money. Germinator is not your traditional three-reel slot game. It uses a six-by-six grid for a total of 12 vertical and horizontal lines. Each of the 36 positions is filled randomly, so it works like a 36-reel slot machine.

After a spin, the game checks for winning combinations, and multipliers of the winning germ symbols are multiplied again by the amount of your bet. The best part of the game is that all paylines operate simultaneously, so you can win on multiple lines in a single spin. To win, all you have to do is match three like symbols consecutively on any of the lines.

To begin a game, you must decide how much you want to bet per line. Your line bet can range from 0.05 credits to 2 credits. Your total bet is multiplied by 12 because all lines are permanently enabled. This makes the actual bet range from 0.60 credits to 24 credits per spin.

Once you decide on your wager, just click the play button to spin the reels and reveal your matches. The maximum amount you can win per line is 10 times your line bet. Multipliers are determined by the color of the symbol:

  • Orange germs = 0.2x
  • Red germs = 0.6x
  • Blue germs = 1x
  • Green germs = 2x
  • Yellow germs = 10x

Germinator also features a scatter symbol bonus game. The scatter symbol is an antibiotic capsule. If three or more capsules appear on the reels, the Medi Bonus feature is activated after any regular payout. The Medi Bonus game allows you to eliminate any single germ strain on the reels. Just click on one of them and all other germs of the same color are killed, disappearing off the grid. The symbols then shift to fill the gaps, possibly creating new winning combinations that pay out at the same rate as your original line bet. If three scatter symbols remain on the reels, the Medi Bonus is activated again before the next spin.

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