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Microgaming’s Double Bonus Poker is a faithful recreation of the classic video poker variant and an online video slot machine that delivers an experience comparable to what you find at a casino or pub.

About Double Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is a Jacks or Better variant that bumps the value of the four-of-a-kind payout, and Double Bonus Poker is similar except that it itemizes the possible four-of-a-kinds and pays out more for four aces and slightly more for four 2s, 3s and 4s. The Microgaming version follows this format to the letter and expands on it, at the bettor’s option, via a double-or-nothing feature on wins.


Coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5, and the game lets you bet one, two, three, four or five coins. Therefore, the minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum bet is $5. However, like with most video poker games, the odds are higher at five coins, so players will generally want to bet a minimum of $1.25. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the coin size, and click Bet One to cycle through the coin count. Once ready, click deal to begin, or for max bets, use the Bet Max button or check Jacks or Better strategy page to find more guides.

Special Features

The game deals five cards, lets you choose zero to five cards to hold and then re-deals so that you have a five-card hand. At that point, the hand is a loser or a winner, and the game pays out accordingly. However, before paying out on wins, the game provides you with the option to double your winnings. If you choose to double, the game deals five cards with one of them face up. You choose one of the face down cards to reveal, and your goal is to get a higher value. If you do, you double you money and have the option to try to double it again. If you do not, you lose all of your winnings for that hand.


Like in original Jacks or Better at five coins, the jackpot, which is paid out on a royal flush, is worth 4,000 coins, or $20K at the max bet. The four aces, which is what distinguishes Double Bonus Poker, pay out 800 coins, or $4,000, which is more than three times as much as a straight flush pays out.

Graphics & Audio

Double Bonus Poker is a sharp looking video poker machine that emphasizes fast play and readability over flashy graphics. It does not play music either, and all of the sound effects, such as the cards being dealt, are authentic.

Overall Impressions

Microgaming video slot machines set the standard online, and whether you should play Double Bonus or one of the other variants is simply a matter of preference. We also like how newbie-friendly this machine is, including optimal play hints and a game analyzer feature.

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