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Double Dose is one of Microgaming’s three reel classic slots. It plays like most classic slots, but it has some features that set it apart from some of the other games. Unlike a fruit machine, which boosts players’ win rates by providing holding and nudging features, this slot has a wild symbol and a multiplier. The theme is based on a cute manga-style nurse who gives players their medicine.

Unlike on the three-reel, five-payline games, there is no proportional payout bonus when you use more coins; using a second coin merely doubles the payouts. The jackpot is not particularly high or low, but the effective win rate is comparable to other classic slots that Microgaming has designed in the past (Click here). Double Dose is not right for everyone, but players who prefer fast-paced games and the additional wild multipliers will enjoy playing it.

Coin sizes in Double Dose start at a minimum of 25 cents for a spin. Subsequent coin sizes are 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5. You can bet one coin on each of the two paylines, bringing the maximum bet for a spin to $10. The top jackpot for a single-coin spin is 800 coins, and the top jackpot for a two-coin spin is 1,600 coins. The second-largest payouts are 100 and 200 coins respectively.

It may not be the slot game with the highest payouts, but Double Dose is still fun to play. Moreover, the payout rate averages out to parity with other games. Wild symbols and multipliers are far more effective on three-reel games than on five-reel games because there are only six symbols. A single wild symbol in a five-reel game would need to be matched with four other symbols to complete a winning competition. In Double Dose, you can win a combination with one or two wild symbols and one or two of another symbol.

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