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Gopher Gold is a very fun online video slot game that players will find a lot of enjoyment in playing. The game is deigned to be simple yet exciting. It offers slots players a lot of exciting action to follow, but it is easy to play. Here is a look at everything that players need to know about this slots game.

The premise of Gopher Gold makes a lot of sense. The gopher is one of the most famed digging animals, and in this case the gopher is digging for gold. When players find gold with the help of the gopher, they will win big.

Gopher Gold is a very aesthetically pleasing game. The background is set up to look like a gold mine, which adds a nice atmosphere to the game. There are lots of video animations, and the icons that players see spinning on the reels are very cool. As well as the titular gopher, there are also aces, jacks, tens, kings, queens, mining carts, dynamite and pick axes.

The sound effects are also pretty cool. There is always a banjo tune being played, which helps to add to the Wild West gold mining atmosphere the game is going for. The gopher also makes plenty of sounds, including a humorous chuckle that he makes whenever he is included in a winning payline.

Speaking of paylines, there are five paylines that players can win on. These five paylines are spread out over five reels, which give players a lot of action to follow every time they spin the reels. You can click here to find more funny slots like this one.

Players have the option to play between one and five coins per reel. The smart play is to play as many coins as possible in order to have a chance at the big jackpot in the game. The biggest jackpot in Gopher Gold pays out a whopping 12,000 coins, which is enough gold to excite anyone.

The coolest feature in the game is the gopher himself. The golden gopher is the wild symbol. Whenever players see him on a reel, they can use him to substitute for any of the other symbols to create a winning payline.

There aren’t really any other special features for Gopher Gold. The game’s designers obviously wanted to keep things simple to help feed into that old time feeling of the Wild West. It works for the most part, but the game may have been a little better if it had offered a few scatters or other bonus features to make things a little more interesting.

Overall, this is really fun game. It may be a bit on the simple side, but players can win some big jackpots. Try your luck with Gopher Gold and have a blast.

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