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Flip Card is a casino table game for beginners, but even experienced gamers can enjoy its simplicity. Although several variations of this game are played at traditional casinos around the world, the online version offered by Internet casinos, such as Royal Vegas and Platinum Play, has some unique characteristics that make it much more exciting.

The online version of Flip Card is not played with a regular deck of cards. It uses a special deck that consists of prize multipliers instead of the standard numbers and face cards. The six types of cards in the deck are as follows: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x.

A game of Flip Card begins with your wager. Depending on the funds available in your account, you may have chips that range in value from 1 credit to 100 credits. However, the minimum wager per play is 2 credits, and the maximum is 100 credits. The table is very similar to the other tables used for casino card games. It is green felt, and the spaces for each card in your hand are outlined in white. On the far side of the table is a section to mark which cards have been uncovered in the play.

After you make your bet, you have to click on the New Cards button to start dealing. You are dealt six cards that are laid out on the table face down. You then have a choice of clicking on the individual cards to reveal the multipliers or clicking on the Show Cards button to have the computer turn them for you.

A winning hand in Flip Cards is any hand with three of a kind. The multiplier on the cards you have in triplicate is taken times your wager to calculate how much you win on the play. For example, if you wagered 10 credits and reveal three 10x cards, then your prize is 100 credits. To play again with the same wager, all you have to do is click the New Cards button again.

Flip Card is a very simple game, but the crisp sound effects and sharp graphics keep it enjoyable for multiple plays.

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