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When gaming software developers are churning out slot games in large numbers, the biggest challenge is coming up with unique game themes. On the classic slot Fire N Dice, Microgaming's game developers decided to combine a sexy devil, flames and a dice game like craps or Yahtzee. It might seem to be a strange combination, but it certainly makes for a great looking game face, flames and all. What really makes this game unique is the use of audio and video features with each of the game's three icons, plus the existence of an interactive bonus game.

Fire N Dice is a 3-reel classic slot game that has a singular pay line. With a limit of one coin per spin, the game has a betting range of $.10 at the bottom end of the scale and $10 at the top end of the scale. This is a low risk / low paying slot with a maximum jackpot of 500 coins and $5,000. High rollers and experienced players might prefer classic slots with bigger returns.

The game has three primary symbols that only pay if all three line up on the same pay line. These three symbols include cherries with a 5X multiplier, bars with a 15X multiplier and the sevens with a 50X multiplier. In addition to the payouts for lining up three like symbols, the player also gets a crack at the rolling dice bonus round on a secondary screen.

The secondary screen is a 3-reel slot matrix with 5 pay lines. The objective is to line up three like dice on the same pay line. The multipliers used in the bonus game are laid out as follows: for three aces - 1X, for three deuces - 2X, for three threes - 5X, for three fours - 10X, for three fives - 25X and for three sixes - the game's highest payout of 500X the amount of the bet.

Verdict: It was quite a surprise to run across a classic slot that has both visual effects and an audio soundtrack. After factoring in the existence of a bonus game, one would think this would be a pretty interesting game to play as classic slots go. While some people might believe that to be true, the game's payout structure fails to inspire. If someone wants to invest money in a 3-reel slot game, there are plenty of games available with better payouts.

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