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Flower Power was a 1960s slogan referring to the ideology of non-violent, passive resistance. Flower Power is also a three-reel pub-style slot machine by Microgaming and a prominent member of its Classic Slot series. The game has a fun, upbeat style about it, and it uses the flowery theme to great effect. The developers have placed an emphasis on fast, straightforward play, but Flower Power still manages to sneak in a few special features that separate it from its category.


At $0.25, the small coin size is a tad bigger than the usual for a one-armed bandit. The max coin size is also large at $5. As mentioned, there are three paylines, and the player can opt to bet one, two or three coins. Therefore, bet sizes range from $0.25 to $15. The smallest bet to activate all lines is $0.75, which isn’t too far outside low roller territory. The benefit to the third coin is an extra 500 coins at the jackpot level, and the pay table otherwise scales evenly.

Special Features

Flower Power offers two special features. The most common feature is Any Bar, which pays out seven coins with any combination of blue (pink), double (yellow) and triple (pink) bar symbols. This feature hits often enough that even during unlucky stretches you generally won’t go long between wins. The other feature is the Flower Power symbol, which is wild and can substitute for any other symbol on the board. It cannot activate the Any Bar feature, however, but it can help form any of the straight combos, which range from 15 to 300 coins.

Graphics & Audio

As with most machines in Microgaming’s Classic Slot series, the animations and sound effects are authentic. The spin action of the reels, including the way they come to a stop, looks real, and the sound helps add to that immersion. The layout is otherwise simple and straightforward, and the pay table is integrated directly into the face of the machine.


The jackpot is achieved with three Flower Power symbols across, and the value is dictated by the number of coins played: 1,500 coins at one coin played; 3,000 at two; and 5,000 at three. If, for instance, you were to play the max bet of $15 (three $5 coins), then your jackpot payout would be $25K, which isn’t a bad haul for a pub-style experience.

Overall Impressions

Flower Power feels unique, and it leaves a lasting impression, which is saying something since classic slot machines tend to be limited by the format. Like most online pub-style games, you probably won’t play this one for hours on end, but it certainly deserves a place in your classic slots rotation.

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