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Double Joker Poker


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Double Joker video poker is a variant of draw poker, which is better known as Jacks or Better. As the name suggests, this video poker version adds two jokers to the deck and thus uses a 54-card deck size rather than the standard 52. Since jokers are wild, the additional joker causes an odds increase nearly across the board. To achieve the best result study Jacks or Better strategy guide.

About Double Joker Poker

Double Joker is similar to Joker Poker except that it has two rather than one joker. Like with Joker Poker, however, that advantage is offset to some degree by a tweaked pay table. Nevertheless, the benefit is very apparent at the jackpot level, and that makes it a particularly appealing option for those more concerned with the biggest jackpot possible than anything else.


A big difference between Double Joker and Jacks or Better is that this game only pays out on kings or better, which means that the losing streaks will be longer. Additionally, the pay table provides an odds advantage at five coins, which means that anyone who would prefer to play less than five coins should do so on a different Microgaming video poker machine (click for more). Otherwise, gameplay is the same as Jacks or Better. Select the coin size and the number of coins, and then select deal and then draw.

Special Features

The special feature is the gamble mode that presents itself after winning hands. The player can collect their winnings or they can go double or nothing. If the double effort is successful, the player can attempt to double it again, and they can continue doing so without limit.


The jackpot is awarded for a natural royal flush. The payout for a royal flush with jokers is much less. At five coins, the jackpot is 5,000 coins, and at the maximum coin size of $5, the player will win $25K. It is also possible to increase that top jackpot even more through the double feature.

Graphics & Audio

Most Microgaming video poker games look alike, and Double Joker is no exception. That is a good thing if you appreciate the classic style that has been used for video poker machines in casinos and pubs for many decades now. We appreciate that Microgaming does not attempt to fix what has worked for so long.

Overall Impressions

If you play with positive expectation, which means that you are in the long haul and can deal with losing streaks in the short term, Double Joker is a great option. The long-term odds are a wash or a bit in your favor, and the top-heavy pay table ensures the biggest jackpots possible.

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