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Fortune Cookie, a Microgaming Classic slot machine, is a three-reel, single-payline slot you should definitely try. The theme of the game is about fortune cookies, which are a small dessert common to Chinese-American restaurants in the United States. The fortune in a traditional cookie is usually a bit of wisdom or a prophecy, but here, it’s cold, hard cash and can be worth as much as $8,000.


As with most machines in the Classic Slot series, coins range from $0.25 to $5 and the player can bet either one or two coins. Coin size is set using the plus and minus buttons, and Bet One sets the coin count. The single- and double-coin payouts do scale evenly, so low rollers should feel comfortable betting just a single coin or as little as $0.25. Once the stake is set, click Spin to begin, or just click Bet Max if you prefer a shortcut to the biggest possible bet.

Special Features

The fortune cookie is the jackpot symbol and serves as the game’s primary special feature, the wild. The wild can stand in for any other symbol in the set, and it has a built-in multiplier. One wild in a combo doubles the payout, and two wilds in a combo quadruples it. Fortune Cookie slot also has an any feature that applies to both cherry symbols and bar symbols.

Graphics and Audio

The reels themselves and the on-the-reels graphics are exceptional and look just as good as you’d expect on an actual one-armed bandit. The additional graphics leave a little to be desired and aren’t quite up to the Classic Slot series standard, but that isn’t a deal-breaker. The sound effects do live up to the series standard and are probably the most important factor in making the game so immersive.


Betting one coin, the jackpot is 800 coins, and betting two coins, the jackpot is 1,600 coins. At the max coin size of $5, that equals either $4,000 or $8,000. The pink sevens are the second-tier symbol; it pays out either 100 or 200 coins, but with wilds in play, they can pay out as much 400 or 800 coins.


Fortune Cookie is an excellent option for slot fans who prefer their odds readily apparent on the payable rather than hidden in complex and not clearly defined features. You won’t get rich playing Fortune Cookie, but your bankroll will go far and you’ll get shots at some great odds for very little risk.

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