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Four by Four is one of the more cheery slot games available on the Microgaming software platform. It uses a minimalist approach with bright, vibrant colors, which, largely, gives the game its fabulous aesthetic appeal. Unlike regular slots, Four by Four does not use reels. It uses a 16-square grid filled with symbols that are independently chosen at random. However, the game uses cascading graphics that cause old symbols to fall off the bottom and new symbols to enter from the top, which makes each row appear to be a reel.

As the name of the game suggests, the magic number is four. You have to match four like symbols, either horizontally or vertically, to win. The prize is determined by the type of symbol you match, and the payout is based on a multiplier of your wager for the play. Following are the available symbols and their multipliers:

  • Red X – 0.2x multiplier
  • Blue cross – 0.5x multiplier
  • Green diamond – 1x multiplier
  • Gold ring – 3x multiplier
  • Purple star – 5x multiplier, wild

Four by Four also has two scatter symbols: the nudge symbol and the free play symbol. These two symbols can appear atop any of the other regular symbols, and when four like scatter symbols are on the board at the same time, you receive a bonus. The nudge bonus gives you four nudges. Nudges are used to bump symbols in a payline left, right, up or down, allowing you to line up new matches. The free play bonus gives you four free plays, and on those plays, all wild symbols stay on the board unless they are used in a match.

Whenever you make a match, the symbols disappear from the board, and they are replaced by new symbols. This allows you to make several multiple matches on a single play. The play is not final until a full board has no matches.

Four by Four is a fast-paced game that is easy to play. You can spend hours on the game by playing the minimum bet of 0.10 credits, but if you want to really make it worth your time, you can bet all the way up to 50 credits per play.

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