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With all of its revolutionary video slot offerings, many players and iGaming industry experts forget that leading iGaming software developer Microgaming has a complete line of casino games. That includes creative scratch card games that allow players to take a little break from the table and/or slot gaming action to try catch a jackpot with a fast-paced instant play game option.

The scratch card game Freezing Fuzzballs was designed against the backdrop of a winter wonderland environment where the temperatures are always below freezing. The graphics on this particular card are both refreshing and clear. From the ice lake to the game-playing matrix, everything is designed to provide the player with a little chill and thrill at the same time.

The game is played on a 3X3 scratch card matrix. Each of the nine spots are covered by ice blocks that have to be melted to expose the applicable multipliers that would be used to determine the player's winnings. Off to the left, players will find the pay-table, which includes six possible multipliers represented by cute caricatures of six different fuzzball creatures.

The game's objective is to scratch off the ice blocks to expose each of the spots. If the player lands three of the same fuzzball creature, they win the amount of their wager times the applicable multiplier. The player has the option of scratching off one spot at a time while generating excitement, or taking the quick route of having all nine spots exposed at the same time.

The game's possible multipliers are as follows: X2, X3, X5, X12, X100 and X2500. The game's minimum wagering requirement is $.50 up to a maximum wager of $10. If the player wagers $10 and lands the three x2500 multiplier fuzzballs, they win an amazing game high payout of $25,000. After the completion of each game, the player has a next game bar at the top of the game that allows them to move quickly to the next games.

Verdict: As the game-play part goes, Freezing Fuzzballs is a pretty standard scratch card game. The thing that really impresses about this game is its overall theme and those cute little fuzzball characters that are sure to catch the imagination of adult players both old and young. By offering such a nice game card with excellent payout opportunities, Microgaming's game developers have shown they can create more that amazing video slots.

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