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Froot Loot Review

Froot Loot has one of the best payout rates of any classic three reel slot games. Rather than using the three-reel, three-payline configuration that some machines do for the higher payouts, Froot Loot allows you to stack the coins on a single payline. The maximum bet is not very high, and you can win as much as $25,000 with a $15 spin.

The game is available in three major currencies, but the units stay the same, so you can bet and win the most when you play with pounds. Other non-standard features include a scatter symbol and an auto-spin mode. This slot is best for players who enjoy a simple yet lucrative classic slot without any confusing features or disruptive bonus games.

At a glance, one would assume that Froot Loot is a fruit machine, but it is in fact a classic slot. As such, you cannot hold and nudge combinations on the reels. This is both an advantage and disadvantage because the nudging opportunities in fruit machines are figured into the games’ overall payout rates for perfect play. With this slot, you cannot make playing mistakes.

Coin sizes start at 25 cents and go up to 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5. You can bet one coin on each of the three paylines, so the maximum bet is $15. Like in multi-payline games, the amount that you are paid goes up with each coin that you bet. The third coin activates the maximum payouts, and the jackpot is proportionately higher than those for one- and two-coin spins. For instance, the jackpot for one coin is 1,000 coins, and the jackpot for three coins is 5,000 coins.

Both casual players and serious players will appreciate this slot’s automatic spins. You can activate the automatic spins by going into expert mode. How the game automatically plays is up to you, and you can set limits for how much you would like to win or lose before the game stops. Alternatively, you can put in some money and then spin until you run out of coins or the slot hits the jackpot.

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Froot Loot Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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