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Fruit Smoothie is a somewhat unconventional five-reel slot game developed by OpenBet. The game has 20 paylines and a maximum jackpot of $20,000. You can bet $1 per payline and anywhere from $0.25 to $50 per coin, making the maximum bet on a single spin $1,000. While the maximum bet is high, you can still win quite a bit by playing at lower levels.

The maximum jackpot is 400 coins, but there are other factors that can raise your effective winning amounts, such as the free spins, bonus game and multipliers. The theme is somewhat self-explanatory; symbols include different types of fruit, a blender and standard numbers and suits. If you want to try an unconventional video slot with a very high maximum bet, this is your game.

The best approach to playing this game is probably the consistent use of medium-sized wagers across each of the paylines. Even if you do not get the maximum jackpot, you can ramp up your winnings by making full use of the multipliers, scatter symbols, free spins and bonus game. Since you have no way of predicting when a bonus game or a free-spin game will come along, it may be wise to decide on a set betting amount; if the professional players use consistent wagering systems, maybe you should, too.

Another factor that can contribute to improve the gameplay, is the multiplier feature in the free-spins session. Whatever amount you would usually win on free spins, based on your triggering wager, is multiplied. The free-spin game is triggered when you get three or more of the strawberry scatter symbols.

When you get two or more scatter symbols, any combination can be turned into a win across multiple paylines. You can also re-trigger the game, meaning that if you get three or more strawberry scatter symbols during a free-spin game, you get more free spins. The amount of spins you get when the bonus is triggered is variable, but you can get as many as 10 at a time. As such, it is possible to get over 50 free spins in a row if you get lucky.

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