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Fruit Slots


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Fruit Slots by Microgaming is the epitome of a classic fruit machine, which are also called pub slots and one-armed bandits. The game’s symbol set includes cherries, lemons, oranges, plums and watermelons as well as a single bar, double bar, triple bar and a fruit medley that serves as the jackpot symbol.


Fruit Slots has three reels, a single payline and a non-progressive jackpot. Available coin sizes range from a quarter to five dollars, and players can wager one to three coins per spin. The pay table, which is shown as an aspect of the main display, is divided into three columns. A one-coin bet uses the left column, a two-coin bet uses the center column and a three-coin bet uses the right column. The pay table does not scale evenly at the jackpot level, and since the non-jackpot payouts tend to be a tad on the low side, this machine is really only ideal for those willing to bet three coins. Three-coin bets range from $0.75 to $15.

Special Features

The cherry symbol has an “any two” feature, which means that two across results in a partial payout. While cherries normally pay out 15 coins, at two cherries you’ll at least get nine coins. The fruit medley, on the other hand, has an “any” feature, which means that it’ll pay out with just one symbol one the line. The fruit medley normally pays out 2,500 coins at three coins, but at two, it pays out 75 coins, and at one, it pays out 15 coins. The single fruit medley and the double cherry hit often enough that they help avoid long losing streaks.

Graphics and Audio

Fruit Slots is a simple game, but both the graphics and audio are fantastic within that constraint. The reels, the spin action and even the glass looks like the real deal, and the sounds are mechanical and exactly what you’d expect to hear playing in a pub or actual casino.


The fruit medley is the jackpot symbol. Depending on the number of coins played, it pays out 250, 500 or 2,500 coins. The minimum bet of $0.25 will result in a $62.50 payout, which isn’t terrible. The max bet of $15 will result in a payout of $12,500, which is quite good.


Fruit Slots is one of our favorite machines in Microgaming’s Classis series because it manages to capture everything we love about traditional slot machines. If we’d change anything, we’d have everything scale evenly out from that 2,500-coin jackpot. As it stands now, we wouldn’t recommend spinning at anything less than the 75-cent three-coin bet.

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