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Game On! is an interesting classic slot game designed by the game developers at Microgaming. The game fuses two popular game themes into one. Who would have imagined a slot game that combines soccer and African Animals under one slot machine roof would draw interest? The really strange thing is it works from a theme prospective. With that said, it still plays like an ordinary Microgaming classic slot once the cool graphics and caricatures are stripped away. Oh, don't forget the video soundtrack that creates the illusion of being in a soccer stadium. Maybe, it's not such an ordinary slot game after all.

The game is played with 3 reels and 1 pay line. The wagering limits are as follows: the player chooses a coin value from a range of $.10 and $10.00. The total cash outlay range is the same since the player is only allowed to wager one coin per spin. With a maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins, the largest possible cash award stands at $10,000. Not bad, not great for a classic slot.

The game's primary symbols with corresponding multipliers include cherries - 2X, 7s - 4X, lemons - 8X, watermelons - 10X, cleats - 16X, safari hats - 25X, whistles - 50X and world cup trophies - 100X. There is also a soccer ball symbol that attaches to other symbols. After the player lands three soccer balls, they earn the chance to play the bonus game, which pits animals playing each other in a soccer match with the winning side providing the player with a multiplier to be used against that spin's winnings. The player also wins free spins and nudges.

Other features include holds and nudges. Holds are available to the player for the purpose of freezing a reel while allowing the other reels to spin again, hoping to land a better outcome on the reels. Nudges are used to manipulate one reel forward one spot, again, hoping to land a better outcome on the reels.

Verdict: As classic slots go, this one is kind of interesting. Much of the credit for that goes to a quirky theme and cool audio feature that makes the player feel like they are part of the game. While the game follows one of Microgaming's standard 3-reel game formats, this one deserves a little extra attention from soccer fans because is creates a fun atmosphere, which is exactly what playing slots is suppose to be all about.

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