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Dice Twister Review

Dice Twister is a casino dice game by Playtech that feels like a cross between craps and roulette. The game is accessible but offers a level of complexity when playing multiple bets per roll.


Dice Twister uses three six-sided dice, and the object of the game is to bet on the outcome when those three dice are rolled simultaneously. Players can bet on the outcome of a single die or the total value of the three dice combined. Stake size ranges from $0.10 to $100, but the game requires a total bet per spin of $1. Therefore, if the player wants to bet less than $1 on any particular bet, he or she will need to place multiple bets in order to reach that $1 requirement.

The game offers four wager types: Totals, Numbers, Hi/Mid/Lo and Odd/Even/Mix. Total bets are on the left-hand side of the play area and allow winnings up to x70. Betting on a specific number, which is at the bottom of the play area, can pay out up to x15 with a three-of-a-kind. Hi/mid/lo and odd/even/mix bets are on the right-hand side of the play area. Players should pay careful attention when placing these bets since it is possible, for instance, to bet on lo (3-8), mid (9-12), and hi (13-18) at the same time, which is simply an unwinnable bet.

Graphics & Audio

Dice Twister is a good-looking and the UI is well organized, which is important here due to the sheer number of bets that are available. The sound effects get the job done but do not stand out in any way. Our only gripe is that the game instructions are not readily available, and the player has to dig through the menu system for them.


Dice Twister’s theoretical RTP is 97.22 percent. The most lucrative bet on the board is a total of four or 17. If a player were to place the maximum $100 bet on 17, for instance, and hit, the jackpot would be $7,000. A player can earn more overall in a single roll, however, because the game allows the player to bet at least one of each kind of bet.


Dice Twister is a reasonably fun game for gamblers who enjoy dice games in general. The engaging aspect of it is determining the ideal mix of bets, but once the player has settled on that, gameplay becomes little more than clicking a button and hoping your numbers come up. Be free to explore our free casino games section, to try more compelling titles.

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Dice Twister Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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