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Genie’s Gems is a five-reel video slot machine, part of this collection, that was developed by Microgaming. The game is loosely based on Aladdin, one of the tales in the Arabian Knights. The symbol set includes a genie, a gemstone, a genie lamp, a flying carpet, a palace and some poker symbols: K, Q, J and 10.


In addition to five spinning reels, Genie’s Gems has five pay lines. The supported coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5, and the machine allows just one coin per line. Therefore, the minimum bet is $0.25, the minimum bet to activate all lines is $1.25 and the maximum bet is $25.

To play the max bet, simply click on the Bet Max button. Otherwise, set the coin amount using the plus and minus buttons, set the coin count and pay lines using the Select Lines button and the click Spin to begin the round. Genie’s Gems also has an expert mode feature that lets you turn off animations and automate spins.

Special Features

Genie’s Gems has absolutely no special features: no wild, no scatter, no free spins, no multiplier, no bonus games, nothing. Some players will find that refreshing. It is essentially a classic slot machine in video slot machine format. Players can even calculate the odds on it, which is a rarity these days.

Graphics & Audio

The art style that Microgaming has chosen for Genie’s Gems is unique and engaging and it has a very colorful palette. Animations are kept to a minimum, such as the spin action of the reels and the red line denoting winning combinations, and that allows it to play faster than your average video slot game. The sound effects and music are very good and diverse too, but there is a mute option for those who prefer it.


The genie serves as the jackpot symbol, and five on an active pay line pays out the jackpot, which is worth 10,000 coins or $50,000 at the max coins size. It is, of course, possible to hit the jackpot on all five active pay lines, which allows for a maximum single-spin jackpot of $250,000.

Overall Impressions

We’re a big fan of Genie’s Gems. It is refreshing to experience the speed and simplicity of the classic slot machines in a format that we prefer. Players should note that there is also a Golden Goose version of this game, which sacrifices simplicity in favor of some special features, including a bonus game.

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