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Game, Set & Scratch is the latest sports-themed instant win card from Microgaming, one of the most prominent online casino software companies in the world. In recent years, Microgaming has focused on new and innovative products, but they have also been releasing several sports-oriented scratch games for those who are looking for a quick diversion from the usual table games and slots.

Game, Set & Scratch has a tennis theme, and the ticket follows the standard Microgaming format that includes a match 3 game on the left half of the ticket and a single-click video game on the right half. The match 3 game gives you a chance to win the big money, while the video game only provides a little booster. The game has a minimum wager of 0.50 credits, so you can try your luck without much of a risk. However, if you feel your luck is with you, the game allows you to wager up to 10 credits per play.

The matching game gives you six scratch panels, and under each panel is one out of 12 possible tennis players. Each tennis player is assigned a value that ranges from a x1 multiplier to a x10,000 multiplier, which is the top prize in the game. If you reveal three images of the same player, then you win a prize equal to the value of the player multiplied by your original wager.

The second game is a single-click game with a variable prize that can be revealed by clicking on the prize box. The object of the game is to complete a volley without hitting the ball outside the foul line. If you complete the volley, then you win the prize revealed in the prize box. If you hit the ball out of bounds, then the game ends.

Game, Set & Scratch could have been a real dud, but Microgaming has made it enjoyable by injecting some innocent humor. The characters are somewhat androgynous, and their faces are comically animated. The video game is also funny because it is focused on the oddly faced line judge whose eyes follow the tennis ball as it is hit across the net.

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