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While everyone else gets Christmas once a year, people who play Gift Rap get to experience Christmas every day. This five-reel slot uses two-dimensional cascading reels so that every bit of space has at least one payline running through it. There are 25 paylines, and each lets you bet as many as 10 coins. The artwork is cartoonish and campy, and some of the symbols include a snowman with sunglasses on, two female elves singing, a toy hammer and a drum-playing teddy bear.

Gift Rap lacks some features that you might expect from a multi-reel game, but it compensates by paying players well and giving everyone a good time. Though there is not a free-spin game, there are a bonus game and an auto-spin feature. You should play this video slot if you are in need of some Christmas cheer and gift-wrapped prizes. It also might be a favorite among people who enjoy listening to rap music.

Gift Rap is one of the only five-reel online slot games that has both a bonus game and automatic spins in expert mode. You can use the automatic spins until you activate the bonus game, then you can play the bonus game until you have won your prizes. Afterwards, you can let the automatic spins start again of their own accord. There are various settings that you can apply in expert mode. If you want to, you can even set the game to spin until you hit a jackpot or until you reach a cash objective.

If you want to activate the Gift Rap bonus, keep spinning until you get three or more snowmen on your reels at the same time. In the game, you select from multiple gifts that you are tasked with unwrapping. If you unwrap ones with prizes in them, you can continue doing so. This bonus game is fun and easy, and you can make quite a bit if you are lucky enough to choose successfully.

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