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Goblin’s Cave by Playtech is a multi-spin slot machine with a non-progressive jackpot. It has three reels, three rows and three paylines. The theme of the game is a goblin’s treasure, and the symbol includes rubies, gold crowns, gold decanters, gem-encrusted gold rings, gold coins and gold lanterns.


Goblin’s Cave accepts coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $5. All three lines are automatically active, so the minimum wager is $0.03. Players also have the option of playing up to five coins per payline, so the maximum wager is $75. This machine is multi-spin in that it has two phases. During the first phase, the machine fills the bottom three squares with symbols. The player now has an option to hold any of those squares. If a hold is chosen, then that entire reel is filled in with that symbol. During the second phase, the machine re-spins the non-held reels and fills them in.

Special Features

The ruby is wild and can substitute any symbol to form a standard winning combination. The game also has non-standard winning combinations, which are achieved with multiple symbols from the same set. Sets include gold crowns and gold rings, and there are three symbols in each set. There is also a bonus symbol, and when three of those hit across an active payline, the game launches a second-screen bonus where the player selects a chest and wins the revealed prize.

Graphics & Audio

Goblin’s Cave is a pub-style game and the graphics and sound fit that design. The graphics, which include a watercolor-like background and hand-drawn foreground, are passable, and the sound effects, which only play during spins, are adequate as well. The symbols, on the other hand, are very well done, and that makes it easy to identify matches, sets and winning combos.


Three rubies on a payline pays out 150 times the line bet, which amounts to $3,750 at $25. Since playing all three lines at $25 is possible, the top payout is $11,250. The bonus game is completely random, but it can pay out as much as 150 times as well.


Goblin’s Cave is not actually a slot machine but rather a strange marriage between slots and video poker. Slot purists probably will not like it. The rest of us may give a go from time to time, however. The hold strategy on the first phase of the multi-spin is certainly intriguing. Please, check our three reel slots page here, to keep on trying more games.

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