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The Gold Mine slot game is a multi-line (5 reels) bonus slot that features imaginative graphics, vibrant colors and a richly detailed theme based on a gold mining operation in the old West, qualities that combine to make the game a favorite among fans of online slots.

Players are initially greeted by colorful images of old-time western gold prospectors, miners, gold nuggets, dynamite and a gold mine's railroad track. The Gold Mine slot game allows players to maximize their excitement by wagering on up to 12 lines for bigger payouts.

Powered by GigaMedia software, the Gold Mine slot game offers payouts that are increased according to the number of coins bet per line. With a maximum wager, the payout possibility tops out at 125,000 coins, or 25,000 coins times five coins per line. If the coin value is set at 25 cents, that equates to an instant jackpot of $31,250. With such a lucrative jackpot to shoot for, it's no surprise the Gold mine slot game has emerged as a favorite destination among slot enthusiasts.

The game's scatter symbol, based on the appearance of an image of two miners operating an old-fashioned hand-powered railroad cart, gives players an opportunity to add to their winnings through free spins. If five of the scatter symbols appear anywhere on the board, for example, the player is rewarded with 30 free spins as well as a 100-times bounty payout. When free spins are in effect, regular prizes are multiplied by anywhere from two times to 10 times the usual payout, depending on how many scatter symbols show up.

The scatter symbol bonus round in Gold Mine, based on the appearance of an image of two pickaxes, generates bonuses of up to five times the usual payouts.

The Gold Mine slot game comes complete with a creative story behind it, with characters named Ford E. Nyner, his daughter Clementine, cowboy Clint Westwood and villain Dick Dastard. This level of detail draws players in, allowing them to feel like they're part of a lucrative gold mining operation.

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