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Contrary to its name, Doggy Reel Bingo is actually not a bingo game. The game is a simple but classy fruit machine with three reels and a single payline. And, true to its fruit machine nature, the majority of the symbols depict various types of fruit, though there are also dog symbols. There is also a great bingo-style bonus game that players can activate for more prizes and playing bonuses. Like any fruit machine, Doggy Reel Bingo has standard features like holding and nudging, but it also offers multipliers that can stack players’ winnings very quickly.

The game’s name comes from a bonus feature game that allows players to choose from eight bingo dots with various numbers that can be played out for cash prizes. When players win certain bonuses during the bonus bingo game, they can reap the benefits of additional bonuses on subsequent spins. The cumulative nature of the additional bonuses gives Doggy Reel Bingo a lot of long-term sitting playability, as the longer one plays the more chances one gets to stack additional bonuses that modify and enhance normal gameplay.

The minimum bet size for a coin in the game is 1¢ and the maximum bet size for a coin is $10. Players who win the jackpot are paid 500 units or coins, equating to anywhere from between $5 and $5,000. However, since there are a lot of stackable bonuses and multipliers in the game, the maximum payouts may be exceeded under certain ideal circumstances. The wide range between the minimum and maximum betting sizes for coins allows players to adjust their betting amounts in line with their bankroll sizes. By using graduated increases or decreases in coin sizes, players can ensure almost indefinite playing sessions.

A few other bonus features set Doggy Reel Bingo apart from similar fruit machines. For instance, some of the reels will randomly hold during spins, in a form of randomized holding and nudging that can involuntarily turn your partial wins and combinations into full-blown jackpots with the right luck and timing. Of course, you can also hold and nudge of your own accord, but the randomized feature occurs free of charge.

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