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Golden Dragon Review

Golden Dragon by Microgaming is an online slot machine with three reels, five paylines and a 12,000-coin jackpot. The game uses a high fantasy theme, and the meta-goal is to steal gold from a dragon reminiscent of Tolkien’s Smaug. Golden Dragon does an excellent job of creating atmosphere and even manages to include details that invoke classic video games like Gauntlet and Bard’s Tale.


Although part of the Classic Slot series by Microgaming, players should note that the formula is a bit different here. There are five paylines, not pay tiers, and the player can actually hit on all five bet lines in a single spin. To offset this advantage, the machine requires a small coin size of $0.25. Therefore, possible bets range from $0.25 to $25, and the minimum bet to activate all lines is $1.25. Keep in mind that any spins played at less than five coins essentially amount to forfeited odds.

Special Features

Golden Dragon features five symbols: a red dragon, a coat of arms, triple bar, double bar and single bar. The game also features an Any Bar symbol, which pays out for any three bars on a single payline. Since there are five possible lines in play, Any Bar can provide up to a 20-coin payout. In addition to being the game’s jackpot symbol, the dragon also serves as a wild symbol, and it can substitute for any other symbol on the board to form a winning combination.

Graphics and Audio

As far as the Classic Slot series goes, the audio used in Golden Dragon is very impressive. It uses echoes and deep bassy sounds to deliver an atmosphere that is both unusual and memorable. The pounding ambiance is never subtle, however, and players may choose to mute it over a long play session.


The maximum overall jackpot depends on the number of coins in play: $5K, $12.5K, $22.5K, $35K and $60K at one, two, three, four and five coins, respectively. At the suggested minimum bet of $1.25, the max jackpot is $3K. At the actual minimum bet of $0.25, the max jackpot is $250.

Overall Impressions

We applaud Microgaming for introducing the five-line machines to the Classic Slot series, and we applaud them in particular for Golden Dragon, which really manages to set itself apart from every other game in the collection. This one is a keeper, and even if you find the bet structure too rich for regular play, find a way to work it into your rotation on occasion. Don't miss to visit this page to try our three reel slots collection.

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Golden Dragon Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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