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Golden Tour slots by Playtech is a progressive machine that uses a golf theme. The game has five reels and five paylines and is linked to the Dollar Ball jackpot. The symbol set includes golf shoes, tees, flags and carts. It also yellow, blue and red golf balls and three scatter symbols, which are groundhogs, ducks and bass fish.


Although it looks like a complex video slot machine, Golden Tour plays more like a classic slots game. Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $5, and the default coin size is $1. All five paylines are active by default, but the Bet One button can be used to eliminate all but one of them. The maximum overall bet is $25, and players can spin with all lines active for just $0.05. When the stake is set, click the Spin button to begin.

Special Features

Golden Tour has two special features: scatter symbols and a wild symbol that plays more like an “any” feature. If a player hits three of the same scatter symbols on consecutive reels, the game launches a bonus round where the player makes a series of club choices and wins a cash prize based on those choices. The yellow golf ball is wild but can only substitute for the red or blue gold ball. To play Dollar Ball, the player kicks in an extra dollar on any given spin, which gives him a shot at the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot.

Graphics & Audio

Golden Tour uses a colorful, hand-drawn art style that is effective in its own way. It may not be flashy, but it is easy to read and it does not wear out its welcome. The sound effects are the same as those used in the physical Golden Tour machine. They sound quite good and only play during spins.


The yellow golf ball is the jackpot symbol and pays out 2,000 times the line bet with five across. It is possible to hit five yellow golf balls on all five paylines, which means that at $25 a spin, the game can pay out as much as $50,000.


Golden Tour does a great job of marrying classic slots with some of the flashier features found in modern slots. This is precisely the kind of machine you expect to find at your local pub or at a golf course, and in fact, we have run into the physical version of this game quite a bit. While it is not the kind of game one plays for hours on end, we do find ourselves coming back to it regularly. Find many more 5 reel slots here, and visit our free slots collection here.

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