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2 Ways Royal Review

The “2 Ways Royal” game is a popular virtual video poker machine in casinos, and Playtech has faithfully recreated that experience here. The object of the game is to build a winning five-card poker hand based on the game’s pay table, and the special hands for this particular video poker format are the Hi and Lo Royal Flush.


This video poker machine is an instant-play game and thus available in a free-to-play mode and a real-money mode. The default coin size is $1, but players can use the “+” and “-” buttons to lower that size as far as $0.05 or raise it as high as $5. The “BET ONE” button lets the player to choose to play on through five coins, which means that the maximum bet is $25. There is a distinct payout advantage at five coins, so we do not recommend betting any less than $0.25. When the stake is set, click “DEAL” to begin.

Special Features

Whenever you win, the machine will give you the option to Collect, Double Half or Double. Double is a double-or-nothing proposition, and double half option allows the player to risk just half their winnings. How it works is that the game deals one face-up card and four facedown cards. The player chooses a card to reveal, and the object is to beat the value of the face-up card. Pushes go to the house.

Graphics & Audio

Playtech video poker machines have a great style about them, and this one is no exception. The playing cards are large and very easy to read. The sound effects are good and only used when called for, and the machine does not play any music by default.


At five coins, the machine pays out 4,000 coins for either a Hi Royal Flush or a Lo Royal Flush hand. If the player were to bet the maximum bet of $25, the machine pays out $20,000. Playing at $0.25, the smallest five-coin bet possible, the machine pays out $200.

Overall Impressions

The “2 Ways Royal” machine is an excellent video poker option. Players should note that the added payout for royal flushes, and to a lesser extent straight flushes and four-of-a-kinds, comes at the cost of flushes and full houses being devalued. That change does not cause a substantial difference over the long term, but it does affect the short term, and the player who wants to maximize their odds for the current session would be better off with “Jacks or Better” or a similar configuration. Don't miss to browse our complete set of virtual table games here, and click on this page to visit our free slots collection.

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2 Ways Royal Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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