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Play at Hairy Fairies free scratch card game

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Hairy Fairies Review

Hairy Fairies is a relatively straightforward scratch card game that gives players the opportunity to stake their chances on the hidden treasures of nine hairy, fluttering fairies. The game graphics are fun and light-hearted. The background of the scratch card is comprised of a poorly-kept yard, complete with beer cans and a pizza box. The background is a bit dim and can be difficult to see during play.

At the beginning of each game, players can choose to stake between 50 cents and 10 dollars on each scratch card. A fun beer can graphic serves for the Stake, New Card and Win areas of the screen. After adjusting their stake, players simply press the New Card can and begin play. The New Card and Stake cans feature animations to indicate that they are available for players to use. When players press New Card, the can's tab opens to indicate that game play has begun.

Players are prompted to select nine out of 12 floating fairies. Each fairy reveals a win amount when clicked. In order to win, players must match three win amounts. All winnings show up at the bottom of the screen on the Win can. Players who do not wish to individually select fairies can select the Reveal All option, located on the New Card can. Nine fairies are selected at random. The prize amounts connected to the fairies are revealed simultaneously, making for ultra-quick game play. Though the Reveal All option makes game play quicker, players who use it will miss out on the fun of picking their own floating fairies.

When clicked, each fairy agitates his wand, releasing a shower of sparks and revealing his win amount. The fairies boast fun expressions and mannerisms. Clicking on the hairy fairies is truly the best part of the game. Each fairy brightens up a bit when selected, allowing the player to clearly see which fairy he or she has picked. Some fairies produce sound effects when clicked. Matches and wins also trigger sound effects. Overall, Hairy Fairies provides fast and fun game play that anyone can enjoy. Adjustable stakes make the game ideal for players on a budget.

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Hairy Fairies Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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