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Pharaoh’s Kingdom is a Playtech scratch card that uses Ancient Egypt as its theme. After purchasing a card, the game provides the player with a key symbol and then the player wins by matching that key symbol against the symbols revealed in a 3x2 grid


The default Pharaoh’s Kingdom scratch card costs $1, but players can opt to play for $0.50, $2, $5 or even $10. The amount paid dictates the values of the symbols revealed on the grid. After selecting the card cost, the player clicks the Play button to begin. The game reveals a key symbol and then the player uses the feather icon to reveal each of the six hidden symbols on the board. Symbols must match exactly to win, it is possible to win on all six spots and the win amount for each symbol is indicated on it.

Rather than purchase one scratch card at a time, the game has an autoplay feature one can use to purchase two or as many as 99 cards. In this mode, the game handles the scratching aspect of the game automatically. Even in single-card mode, a Scratch button serves as a shortcut for players who prefer not to scratch each spot on the card individually.

Special Features

Pharaoh’s Kingdom has a shuffle feature that allows a player to shake up the series he or she is currently pulling cards from. Cards can be shuffled three times before a purchased is required, and once a card is a purchased, the three shuffles are restored.

Graphics & Audio

This scratch card uses iconic imagery of Ancient Egypt, and it has a nice style. The symbols are all very distinct, so identifying matches even during autoplay is very easy. The music and sound effects are good but do have a tendency to become grating during long play sessions.


The jackpot for the default card is $10,000, and it doesn’t necessarily require a match on all six squares. One player may hit the jackpot with just one match while another might do it with three. For $0.50 cards, the jackpot is half that much, and on a $10 card, the jackpot is $100,000.

Overall Impressions

Pharaoh’s Kingdom is a fairly standard online scratch card, but it executes that classic formula well. It has a good look, plays fast and has a convenient autoplay option. Any single scratch card tends to get boring over a long play session, but this is definitely one of the top options in our rotation. Want more fun? Visit our online scratch card games dedicated page.

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