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Hexaline Review

It can be argued if Hexaline is actually a slot game, but even though the format is unique, it uses the basic principles of all video slots: you match like symbols to win. The real distinction of Hexaline is that it breaks up the monotony of your standard slot games with a unique playing board, symbols and style of play.

The Hexaline board is comprised of 18 hexagonal symbols in five columns. Columns one, three and five have four symbols, while columns two and four have three symbols. Together, the hexagons interlink on the board. The symbols are of various colors, and the color determines the payout for matching combinations. Following are the available colors according to their value:

  • Purple – 0.10 credits
  • Green – 0.10 credits
  • Yellow – 0.30 credits
  • Red – 0.50 credits
  • Blue – 0.80 credits
  • Pink and white wild symbol – 1.50 credits

Hexaline is made for the casual gamer and the high roller alike. The minimum bet is only 0.10 credits, and the maximum goes all the way up to 50 credits. When you start the game, the hex board is empty, but it is quickly filled by hexes that drop into place randomly from above. To win, you have to match the same color from the left column to the right column, and any matching colors adjacent along the way are included.

When a match is made, the symbols are zapped out of existence and replaced by new symbols that can lead to new winning matches. The play is over when the grid is filled with non-matching symbols. The final payout of each combination is determined by multiplying the color value with the number of matching symbols and the amount of the bet.

Hexaline also includes a fun bonus game. When three or more bonus symbols are displayed on the board, the Gold Trail game begins. In this game, you have to choose the appropriate hexes to make it from the left side of the grid to the right. You can attempt to zigzag along the way to pick up more hexes and more money, but if you cross over yourself, the bonus game ends.

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Hexaline Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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