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The game of High Five slots is a 3-reel classic slot with one payline. It includes a wild symbol, one, two or three coins and a jackpot of 15,000 coins. Players are allowed to wager bets that range from a minimum of seventy-five cents to a maximum of $15.00 per spin if they choose to play all three coins.

The High Five symbol is wild and when it appears in any winning combination the player wins five times the coins to which he would ordinarily be entitled. If you are fortunate enough to hit two High Five symbols the payout is 25 times the winning combination. In order to achieve the 15,000 coin jackpot the player must hit three High Five symbols on the payline.

At first glance High Five may look rather simple, but the reality is there is a lot of punch in this slot for a basic machine. It is a very popular game that provides some extremely high payouts into a short period of time, and when you add in the 5 x 25 Wild Multiplier, the 15,000 coin jackpot kicks in and makes it even more exciting. The game of High Five is excellent for beginners yet still provides challenges and surprises for experienced players as well.

The slot machine symbols you will find in this game include 1-BAR, 2-BAR, 3-BAR, Lucky 7s, BAR-7s and Cherries. The High Five Wild symbol is the last in the set and ensures your winnings can only grow bigger. Those who are new to online gaming definitely want to join the in crowd and get started playing this challenging and exciting online slots game.

When you play the game of High Five you will find a game full of bright and breezy color combinations along with traditional excitement and plenty of opportunities to win and pump up your adrenalin. You will also find plenty of familiar sounds and animation that make this game an excellent choice for fun and casino excitement for both novice and experienced layers. It won’t be very long before you will find this game fulfills all your online needs for a fun and exciting online casino experience.


While High Five is not complex compared to other slots games, players can still enjoy plenty of fun and excitement. Follow the below tips in order to ensure the best chances of winning the big money in the game:

  • The High Five logo is the Wild symbol in the game
  • A single High Five symbol provides 5x the payout in any winning combination; two High Five symbols provides 25x any winning combination
  • You can play up to three coins, and the more you play, the higher the payout
  • You trigger the jackpot of 15,000 coins by playing the maximum three coins and matching three High Five symbols on the payline

The High Five symbol also substitutes for other symbols in order to provide players with a increased number of winning combinations during the game

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