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Irish Eyes Review

Irish Eyes is a five-reel online slot game that has 25 paylines. The game has a leprechaun theme that is based around the player trying to find a pot of gold. Some of the symbols in the game include leprechauns, pots of gold, shamrocks, pretty Irish girls and typical suited symbols. This game has several bonus features and games that, instead of being separate from play, are integrated into every aspect of gameplay, stacking free spins and increasing the amounts that one can win.

Another feature that makes this game stand out is that it can be downloaded directly to a computer or played through one’s browser using flash, both with the same quality of performance. There is also a “Pick Me Up” feature that gives you the option of getting a cash prize, trying again for a higher bonus or winning up to 100 times your triggering bet. This is a great game to play if you want to play a traditional five-reel slot game with an unusual bonus game.

The free-spin feature in Irish Eyes is set up similarly to some other five-reel, 25-payline games. Free-spin games are triggered when you get three or more of the symbols with the beautiful Irish girl at the same time. The amounts that you win during the free spins are determined by the amount that you bet when you trigger the first free spin. For instance, if you were to bet $10 when you got four of the Irish Lass symbol, then $10 would be considered your trigger bet.

The amount that you win is calculated by taking the amount that you would win with your trigger bet and then multiplying that figure by three. Also, you can activate more free spins during the free-spin game. It starts with 12 free spins, but you can constantly play with free spins if you luck out.

The “Pick Me Up” bonus game is essentially a bonus feature that is activated when you get a leprechaun symbol on both your first and fifth reels. The object of the game is to either accept the jackpot that you are awarded or try once more for a higher jackpot. The jackpot can go as high as 100 times your trigger bet, so it is up to you to determine whether you are happy with the first number that you get.

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Irish Eyes Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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