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The Instant Win Card Selector is not actually an instant win game, but it is rather a nice little utility to help you choose and play from a selection of several instant win games. This utility is very refreshing because it can be so boring playing the same instant game over and over again, especially if it has already paid out handsomely.

With the Instant Win Card Selector, you have no need to go through the hassle of ending one game, going back through the casino menus and waiting for a new game to load. This utility organizes twelve games, making them easy to select, and they load right away. It also has a slick graphical user interface that is very simple to control.

The Instant Win Card Selector stores 12 of the most popular instant win games. The full roster is as follows:

  1. Big Break – This fun game sports monkeys on surfboards.
  2. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – Now, the popular 1990s Keanu Reeves movie gives you chances to win real money.
  3. Cashapillar – Cashapillar and his garden friends have prizes waiting for you.
  4. Dawn of the Bread – Zombies are not so bad when they are baking bread and giving away cash.
  5. Freezing Fuzzballs – Furry arctic critters like to play games, too.
  6. Golden Ghouls – Monsters are scary, except when they are awarding big prizes.
  7. Granny Prix – Bet on your favorite grandmothers to win the go-cart races.
  8. Halloweenies – Ghosts come out on Halloween to play games with cash prizes.
  9. Mumbai Magic – The singing and dancing sensations of Bollywood provide chances to win.
  10. Slam Funk – This game is a unique basketball and disco mash-up.
  11. Super Zeroes – The powers of these superheroes is questionable, but their ability to make you a winner is not.
  12. Wild Champions – Anyone can bet on the animal Olympics.

The whole purpose of the Instant Win Card Selector is to make video scratch games more realistic. You choose games out of virtual dispensers and scratch them right on the table. You can choose multiple games, and the cards are withdrawn from the dispensers and put in a stack. You can then play them in the order chosen, or you can shuffle them into a random order.

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