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Isis is a Microgaming slot named after the Egyptian goddess of magic. This five reel game has a background the color of an Egyptian pyramid, but the rest of it is quite colorful. Almost all of the symbols have some tan, orange and gold in them. The 25 paylines all have their own colors, which makes it somewhat easier to tell them apart. However, the paylines are staggered, so it can sometimes be difficult to tell which you have won on.

The betting limits are on par with those seen in Microgaming’s other five-reel games with jackpots of the same size. The main reasons people play Isis are for its automatic spins, spectacular free-spin options and its multifunctional special symbols. Give this slot a spin or two if you enjoy no-nonsense play and dislike having to play bonus games.

Unlike most games with automatic spins in expert mode, Isis has a gamble option after each winning combination. However, your play will not be interrupted after every win. If you decide that you want to take a chance at doubling your win, you can simply click on the icon. In order to use the gamble option after a win during expert mode, you need to stop the automatic spins before they cycle again.

Isis has a solid free spin game like any good five reel video slot should. Getting between three and five scatter symbols on your reels will earn you 20, 25 or 35 free spins. Every win during a free-spin cycle is randomly multiplied between two and six times.

Isis also has a multiplier and a wild symbol. The special symbols work in the free-spin cycles, so you can multiply your payouts several times. For instance, if you were to win 150 coins during a free spin, you might have that amount multiplied by six. In turn, that amount might be doubled if you were to choose correctly in the bonus gambling round.

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