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Crypt Crusade


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Crypt Crusade is an enjoyable instant win card game set in a creepy Egyptian crypt. The player is represented by an animated explorer, complete with safari hat and flashlight. The game can be started with a New Game button at the bottom of the screen. Players can stake between 50 cents and 10 dollars on each game. Once game play has started, the player hits the Spin button. The player is allowed eight spins during each game. Spins advance a player one to six spaces on the game card.

Fun graphics are the highlight of Crypt Crusade. The game card is laid out in a spiral fashion, with the animated explorer moving from space to space towards the center. At the center of the card is a treasure chest that allows the player to win 25,000 times his or her stake in the game. The game card is comprised of regular, light brown spaces, win spaces and spaces with gloomy grey skeletons. The explorer advances on the board according to how many spaces the spin wheel indicates.

When the explorer lands on a brown space, nothing happens. If the explorer lands on one of the win spaces, he or she is guaranteed to win. But if a player lands on a skeleton space, trouble is ahead. The space becomes a glowing red hole and the explorer is sucked in, ending game play. One of the best features of Crypt Crusade is that it isn't necessary to get to the end of the card in order to win. If a player hits a skeleton space, he or she can still collect for the highest win space on which the explorer landed. Naturally, the value of win spaces increases the farther along the spiral the player advances.

In regular mode, the animated explorer takes a leisurely stroll from space to space. This may be frustrating for those who like fast game play. Thankfully, a turbo mode features quick animations and fast-paced play. Fun sound effects accompany spins, explorer movement, wins and losses. The game card is bright and well-designed, making it both engaging and easy to understand.

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