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Play at Jack in the Box 3 reels slot machine free

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Jack in the Box Review

Many people believe a little kid lives inside all of us. If that's true, then a classic slot game like Jack in the Box is going to catch the eye of a lot of adults based solely on the game's title. Maybe, that is what Microgaming had in mind when they released the game many years ago. For the most part, adult gamblers might come away a bit disappointed after playing the game. It's a rather ordinary classic slot that just happens to carry a significant maximum jackpot should the player get lucky enough to land the right reel combination. Visually, the mascot is kind of interesting looking, but the rest of the graphics and audio features fail to inspire.

Jack in the Box is played with 3 reels with 1 pay line. Players are permitted to bet as many as two coins per spin with a coin value of $.25, up to a max of $5.00. With a maximum payout of 5,000 coins on a two coin bet, the player has the potential to win a jackpot of $25,000, which is a pretty decent return for a $5 wager on a classic slot game.

As a classic fruit style slot game, Jack in the Box uses the following symbols (with multipliers for a two coin wager): any one cherry - 4X, any two cherries - 6X, any three bars - 10X, three cherries - 20X, three blue bars - 30X, three yellow double bars - 60X, three red triple bars - 100X, three boxes - 200X and three Jacks - 5000X, the game's maximum possible award.

It's worth noting that the Jacks also serve as a wild symbol that substitutes for all of the other symbols. If the player lands a winning spin with one wild symbol involved, the payout is doubled. If the player lands a winning spin with two wild symbols involved, then the player is awarded a 4X multiplier on their winnings. Beyond the wild symbol feature, the game does not provide anything else to help make the game more interesting or exciting.

Verdict: With the exception of a nostalgic theme that might draw a few players, Jack in the Box has very little to recommend. There's nothing wrong with playing a classic slot for a nice size jackpot, but one's money might be better spent playing a video slot or a classic slot with a bonus game included.

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Jack in the Box Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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