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Jackpot Express Review

Welcome aboard the Jackpot Express where pots of money await lucky players. That's the general theme behind the classic slot or bar slot game titled Jackpot Express, which was developed and released by Microgaming around the turn of the century. The release timeframe is easy to determine because this game is clearly part of the first generation of classic slots released by the company. The first generation is identifiable because of the lack of bonus features on a slot game with a very specific format.

The colorful game face is done with reds in the background and a locomotive filled with coins in the foreground. It looks like a standard land-based slot machine with a limited number of symbols and an easy to use control panel at the bottom. There is a wild symbol, which adds a little excitement. Beyond that, the game is representative of an early era because of its simplicity.

The Format

Jackpot Express is built around a first generation classic slot format that includes 3 reels and 5 pay lines. Players are permitted to bet up to 5 coins per spin. Based on selected coin values that range from $0.25 up to $5.00, the cash outlay per spin calculates out to a range of $0.25 up to $25.00. The game has a maximum potential jackpot of 5,000 coins, which would bring a maximum potential cash payout of $25,000. This potential jackpot represents the only reason this game warrants any consideration at all.

Jackpot Express slot machine
Microgaming's Jackpot Express video slot machine

A limited number of symbols along with the applicable multipliers are listed to the right of the game face as follows: any three bars - 4X, three single bars - 10X, three double bars - 40X, three triple bars - 60X, three 7s - 80X and three pots of gold on a single pay line - 1000X.

Bonus Features

In addition to creating a standard payout as a regular symbol, the pot of gold is used as a wild symbol, which is used to substitute for any of the game's other symbols. Additionally, the pot of gold can be used to create escalating payouts based on the number of pay lines it covers. When covering two pay lines, the player is awarded a 1500X multiplier. For three pay lines, it's a 2000X multiplier, increasing up to a 2500X multiplier for four pay lines. If the player is lucky enough to fill up the screen with five full pay lines of pot of gold symbols, they win the ultimate jackpot created by a 5000X multiplier. From there, they can ride off into the sunset with a pocket full of money.

Verdict: In this day and age of the modern video slot, these classic slot games from the turn of the century seem so outdated, and maybe they are. However, there is a group of slot players who still like to tackle these bar slots with the same fervor they had years ago. There's not much to offer here, but that would matter very little to the player is lucky enough to hit the big jackpot.

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Jackpot Express Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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