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Classic Slots Scratch


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Classic Slots Scratch is an online casino game from Playtech that combines elements of a scratch card with aspects of a classic slot machine.


Purchasing a Classic Slots scratch card costs $1 by default. You can use the minus button to lower that amount to 50 cents or the plus button to increase it to $2, $5 or even $10. As with all Playtech scratch cards, the chosen card cost has a direct effect on how much you can win. The default jackpot for a Classic Slots scratch card is $10,000, but if you pay $5 instead, for example, that amount increases to $50,000. To purchase a card click the Play button. Alternately, you can adjust the auto-play value from 2 to 99 and then click the arrow button to automate a series of scratch card purchases. Cards are automatically scratched during auto-play, and you have a Scratch All button available to you during single-card play as well.

Special Features

Like most Playtech scratch card games, Classic Slots Scratch offers a shuffle feature, which lets the player shake up the series from which he or she is drawing cards. It has no direct effect on your ability to win but does provide some assurance of fair play. Players can choose to shuffle up to three times in between purchases. Shuffling, however, cannot be accessed during auto-play.

Graphics & Audio

Playtech uses a simple but effective style. The overall color scheme is a bit muted, but that helps the classic slot machine symbols, such as cherries, lemons and red sevens, to stand out. Considering the vast library of authentic slot machine sounds that Playtech has at its disposal, it is a bit disappointing that it opted for arcade-y sound effects that can become a bit grating in our experience.


The top overall jackpot is $100,000 and requires a $10 purchase price. Although the game gives you three sets of reels on each purchase and lets you win on all of them, the total win amount will never exceed the maximum for the scratch card at the current purchase price.


We had a fair bit of fun with this scratch card. First we played through a dozen or so purchases manually and then let it ride for 99. If you like online scratch cards, then this one is certainly worth checking out. However, if you enjoy this experience, then you might want to try an actual slot machine by visiting this webpage, which can be just as much fun but provide a lot more diversity.

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