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It’s hard to beat sitting under an umbrella with the cool ocean breeze blowing through the air while you sip on a tropical beverage. That’s exactly the feeling a player is suppose to get while playing Microgaming’s Jamaican-A-Fortune slots game. True to form for this particular software developer, this game comes with plenty of extra features that lead to what tends to be fairly low potential winnings.

As advertised, this classic slot game comes with the Rastafarian colors and mellow sounds typically associated with the island of Jamaica. As a classic slot, or fruit machine as it is called in many parts of Europe and Asia, Jamaican-A-Fortune is played with 3-reels and a single pay line with 9 possible winning configurations. The game’s minimum wager amount is $.10 with a maximum of $10.

The game’s standard low-paying symbols are represented by typical fruit machine symbols like cherries, oranges and coconuts and a key lime, plus watermelons with a 20X payout, stereo speakers with a 30X payout, a bag of money with a 50X payout and the Jamaican symbol with a 500X payout. It’s worth noting that the game comes with neither a wild symbol nor a scatter symbol.

What the game does come with is a few interesting features that appear on a random basis and a bonus game. The interesting features include the “bank hold” button that allows the player to lock one reel in place for the next spin or the “nudge” button that allows the player to nudge one reel forward one line in hopes of creating a winning spin. The nudge can be used up to four times on a given spin. Other random features include the “Bass Bin” feature that allows the players to spin a reel on the right for a chance to double their earnings on that particular spin.

As the player progresses, they get closer to the chance to play the “easy Life” bonus game. The game is initialized when the player completes the trail line at the bottom of the screen. When this happens, the player is taken to a second with three separate game matrixes all spinning at the same time. To determine winnings, the player must manually stop all nine reels to reveal their prize.

Verdict: As 3-reel classic slots go, Jamaican-A-Fortune is actually fun to play. The motif and music make the game soothing while the player is busy trying to keep track of the game’s many extras. At a time when video slots rule, this classic fruit machine deserves attention.

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