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Play at Cops and Robbers three reel fruit machine

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Cops and Robbers Review

Who doesn't enjoy a little slapstick comedy, especially when it involves cops and robbers? When Microgaming introduced the pub machine Cops and Robbers, or bobbies as the British would say, slot players were given the opportunity to try to hold up the bank in hopes of landing a big score. The face of this machine is covered with great graphical caricatures of assorted cops and robbers. What makes this game a bit more interesting than other classic slots is the existence of feature after feature.

Cops and Robbers is a classic 3-reel slot with only one pay line in the middle line. The game's wagering format is as follows: coins value range from $.10 at a minimum with a max cap of $10.00. Based on only one coin per spin, the betting range is the same. It would be safe to assume this particular game would not be very popular with high rollers who are looking for a better return on their investment.

The game's symbols with corresponding multipliers are represented by the following icons: three cherries - 1X, three single gold bars - 2X, three double gold bars - 4X, three lemons - 8X, three 7s, - 10X, three watermelons - 20X, three gun barrels - 40X, three bobbie helmets 80X and three robbers 500X. With a max bet of $10, three robbers bring the game's highest jackpot of $5,000.

The game comes with three extra features. Bank holds and nudges are accumulated by the players throughout a bonus game. Holds allow the player to freeze one reel while the other reels re-spin for a better outcome. Nudges are used to allow players to move a single reel forward one spot for a better outcome. In the game's "Chaser trail" bonus game, money bags are used as the bonus symbol. If the players lands three, they get the chance to run around the chaser trail and collect free spins, multipliers, nudges and bonuses. The player always has the option to collect their prizes or continue running with the risk of getting caught by the cops.

Verdict: Due in large part to the fun theme and zany looking characters, Cops and Robbers is a rather cool classic slot game. Of course, the pay schedule is rather lacking, but a fun theme is often a reward unto itself. For real risk takers, running the trail and collecting prizes while trying to avoid the cops can be a lot of fun and very lucrative with a little luck.

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Cops and Robbers Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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